Google Sheets to come with enhanced third-party access protection

Aug 12, 2016, 8:09 pm

Ankita P.

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Google is always working to keep its user’s information safe. A blog posted on Google Apps Developer posted by Tom Holman, Product Manager, Google Sheets and Josh Danzier, Software Engineer at same division said the technology major will provide enhanced third-party access protection for Google Sheets.

As a part of this quality, Google begin to require explicit authorization when third-party sites requests access to Google Sheets content via the Google Visualization API or Google Query Language.

It has enhanced the third-party access protection for its productivity services such as, Docs, Sheets etc.

Google conferred the more information that, for many developers, this change will be transparent but at the same time others may need to make changes in order to continue reading spreadsheet data. From September 14, 2016 Google will begin enforcing these requirements.

Moreover, for enhancing its productivity apps more useful on Android, Google recently has introduced third-party plugins. By using these new plugins, its productivity suites can extend functionality from apps like Scanbot, DocuSign and ProsperWorks into Docs as well as sheets.

Google is on the top as the most widely used online spreadsheet service. And by introducing such a great security layer, it is directly doubling its consumer cloud services. Google Sheets are also popular to be used for generating forms and survey data inside webpages. Google Sheets helps people to get their work done while they are on the go.

This new feature provided by Google is very much useful for its each and every user of Google Sheets but it will especially appeal to enterprise community looking to use Google’s Cloud Based Services. As it fulfilling the biggest priority of users that is Security.

For more details on the technical changes you can visit, Google charts API documentation.

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