Google Opinion Rewards taking user feedback to improve YouTube video suggestions

Google Opinion Rewards

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Google is taking user feedback to improve your YouTube video recommendations. If you are not aware, Google periodically sends surveys via Google Opinion Rewards. Based on user feedback Google adds Play Store credit which can be used for buying apps, music, books, movies and more from the Play Store.

According to a report by Android Police Google is sending surveys to the users asking some questions on YouTube history. Interestingly, if you have disabled your YouTube history you’ll not receive this survey.

You’ll receive a notification when a survey is waiting for you. The survey is short and completely anonymous. Google will add Play Store credit for completing the survey and the credit you receive will vary with each survey.

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The YouTube survey comprises of four questions where one question is about the user’s YouTube history and other ones include potential YouTube recommendations for that particular user. The user needs to give feedback on the shown recommendations. The last question compares the two videos and asks which one is the better recommendation for you.

You can get Google Opinion Rewards app using the link but do remember the app is available only in selected regions.


⊕ Via: Android Police

© Image: Google Reward

Google Opinion Rewards taking user feedback to improve YouTube video suggestions