Google to move Hangouts On Air to YouTube Live on September 12

Aug 18, 2016, 4:57 am

Ashwini S.

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Since inception of Google Plus, Google has experimented a lot with its new features and services. Now the search engine giant to move Hangouts On Air, a popular feature from Google Plus to YouTube Live. Google in an announcement on its Support Page said that Hangouts On Air will no longer be available in Google Plus from coming September 12.

Google first launched the live streaming services of Hangouts group video chat on Google Plus back in September 2011. This was then available to some selected celebrities and rolled out to all users in May 2012. After a year later Google brought YouTube Live which is more popular among users. Since YouTube is more used medium when it comes about video, users will enjoy Hangouts On Air in YouTube Live rather to Google Plus.

You can broadcast and host your live performance and discussion through the YouTube Live using your Google account. It will also provide you an option of editing and sharing the broadcast on your Google Plus profile.

You can use YouTube to create an event and here is detailed guide of setting up Hangouts On Air with YouTube Live:

  1. Go to live streaming events in Creator Studio.
  2. Click new live event.
  3. Select Quick (using Google Hangouts On Air).
  4. Give your live stream a title.
  5. Click Go live nowor enter in details to schedule your event for later.
  6. Use Hangouts to broadcast live.

To broadcast the Hangout on air, you have to follow these steps:

  1. If you don’t have YouTube channel, create a YouTube channel and Verify your YouTube channel through the SMS,
  2. Your Google + page should be connected with Your YouTube channel. If you create new YouTube channel, then it gets automatically connected to your Google Plus profile. But, if you used your Google+ page to broadcast to a channel in the past, you need tolink the page to its YouTube channel.

Once you broadcast your post, you can edit it and also can add the new features. In Hangout On Air you can add up-to 10 people at once and host up-to 8 hours. Google also lets you to broadcast your event your page to get maximum visibility.

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