Twitter introduced new featured Stickers ahead of National Dog Day

Aug 24, 2016, 6:25 am

Avanti B.

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Are you a dog lover? Then this Friday is going to be a bit different for your Tommy, Max, Bailey or the name you call your dog. You can celebrate National Dog Day this year with Twitter by sharing their photos on the social media site. Ahead of National Dog day, August 26 Twitter has released some new Stickers which are based on the concept of “We Love Dogs”.

This new Feature will let you Decorate your pictures before sharing them into news feed. You can apply some ‘vov vov’ features to your pictures; will give you dog loving effect. The micro-blogging site introduced the stickers feature to users back in July.

The new stickers listed under We Love Dogs category and contain eight new stickers including a dog collar, a bone, a top hat a flying disc. Once you’re done with the editing you can share it on Twitter using #NationalDogDay.

The Dog lovers should try this new feature of Bark by uploading a selfie with their Dog or a photo which is already available, on coming Friday to celebrate the National Dog Day.

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