Twitter has released Night Mode feature for iOS users

Aug 24, 2016, 6:57 am

Avanti B.

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Twitter has released Night Mode for iOS users almost a month later following the Android rollout. Twitter Night mode for iOS will eliminate the tough time for reading tweets at night due to the high light.

This new update will actually darken the App’s Background and will change the Text from black to white with less light. The new feature on iOS is compatible in low light environment and designed to make it easier for the users to read tweet and interact within the app.

To activate this, your Twitter App should be updated, and after that you only need to go to the “Me” tab within the App and tap the gear icon to open a menu. The next step is to tap “Turn ON night mode”. To deactivate this night mode you will need to follow the same steps only the difference is of “Turn OFF night mode”.

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