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Google launches a new Android app Crowdsource for getting feedbacks from users

Aug 30, 2016, 3:50 pm

Google has launched a new Android app, Crowdsource to take user feedback for improving company’s services. So next time if you find the technology company should improve some features in its products, just open-up the app and send your suggestion with no more than 5-10 seconds.

The new Android app is only designed for getting the help from its users for improving and enhancing its services. In your superfluous time you can guide Google about Google Translate, Google Maps, Google Keyboard, etc. with image transcription, handwriting recognition and other things.

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According to a Google’s spokesperson, “People may be inclined to use Crowdsource because, for many languages & tools like Translate, Image Recognition etc aren’t very good right now.”

And hence Google is here with this app which will be very fruitful for the company and for the user’s as well. Each task only takes a few seconds and ranges from appraise the correctness of the translations for text.

Google told that it won’t charge anything for this facility and as well it won’t provide any rewards or any kind of incentives as it provides in Google Opinion for market survey. And search engine giant is very much sure that people will definitely contribute in this idea for improving the apps.

Moreover, Google also knows that Crowdsource will not get attention only on the basis of this freebie idea and virtual incentives. So it is going to think over the incentive plan also. If you want to share your feedback about Google products just heed towards Google Play and download the app.

⊕ Source: Crowdsource

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