Instagram rolls out new zoom feature in iOS apps

Sep 1, 2016, 7:46 pm

Ashwini S.

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The popular photo sharing social media site Instagram get holding up day-by-day. This week the Facebook owned company rolled out the new “Pinch to Zoom” features on iOS apps to simplify connecting others.

In last couple of months, the social media company is in the news for bringing more and more changes in the app. In last quarter, the Instagram has gone through a major overhaul of its design and its already modified logo. The company has also introduced the Instagram stories and short video feature for better user experience.

The newly introduced feature “zoom” is a new addition for the photos and videos in the feeds that will let users to take a close look of their favorite photos.

Until now, users didn’t have option to enlarge photos and videos posted on Instagram. ‘Zoom’ feature provides the artistry to pinch photo as well as video. The company in an announcement says it will to focus on improving the ‘core parts of Instagram’.

“Zoom” feature is currently available in iOS app and will arrive on Android in coming weeks.
Source: Instagram

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