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Watch Brands and Technology: Why You Should Hold On to Your Classic Wrist Watch

Sep 15, 2016, 3:30 pm

Technology has changed the way millennials are wearing watches. Many see mechanical watches as an investment and the majority of us see smart watches as a trend.

If you have a keen interest in horology, then you will know that a wrist watch is so much more than a tech phase. With the release of another batch of smart watches, let’s look at how far the watch world has come.


With watch brands like Michael Kors releasing smart watches and Technological giants: Google, Apple, and Samsung working hard to create the next batch of smart watch technology, we are questioning are smart watches enough to replace the nostalgia of a mechanical watch?

Classic Wrist WatchThe difference between a smart watch and a mechanical timepiece is that mechanical watches mature like a fine wine, whereas smart watches become more and more outdated every second. Collectors of vintage watches would agree as a smart watch is not something that you would keep for years to come whereas with something as special as Rolex watch restoration that is something you could keep and cherish for years to come.

This is why the mechanical watch world continues to expand over 100 years after the first mechanical time piece was invented. Luxury brands Piaget, Cartier, and Rolex have all show no sign of changing to digital and continued to excel in the art of watch making.


There are so many reasons why the mechanical watch world has stayed strong throughout the rise of the digital age. The fashion world loves watch and this is why so many have created their own line, however, designers can only aspire to create timepieces that have the same style and craftsmanship of a Swiss time piece.

Stephen Puvirent, associate editor of the online watch publication HODINKEE stated why he believes watches win over tech

“We’re all extremely attached to our cameras, our phones, our computers, our iPads, and I think there’s something charming about owning something analogue… I’m going to replace my iPhone sometime in the next few years. But a really high-quality watch I can wear and enjoy on a daily basis.”

It takes watch masters years to understand the elaborate interior mechanisms of a mechanical watch and that is what makes vintage timepieces so unique. It is hard to argue that something as mass produced as a smart watch will take the place of a collector’s chronograph.


In prediction of the next big watch trend, it is time to put the spotlight on Christoph Laimer’s 3D printed tourbillon. Christoph Laimer, a Swiss engineer has created a timepiece which is almost entirely 3D printed.

3D WatchChristoph has fused design and engineering, to bring the tourbillon into the 21st century. The tourbillion design is over 200 years and was designed by one of the greatest watch makers in history.  The main technique behind a tourbillon is that the balance wheel rotates to all positions. This means that it balances the effect gravity might have on it and stops it from being stuck in one position.

Until now the tourbillions design has hardly strayed and years of watch making has been based on this design. which for most of its history has been practically synonymous with hand-craftsmanship and high end watchmaking, has been produced in a working watch with a 3D printer.

The future of watch making currently looks a little a blurry. With so much happening it is an exciting time to invest in a new time piece. With new technology at both ends of the watch spectrum, it is exciting to see where the industry is going.

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