YouTube rolls out global community of volunteer, YouTube Heroes

Sep 22, 2016, 5:15 pm

Ashwini S.

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Since last one month, YouTube lofted its own network of sorts with the debut of YouTube community. Now it is going to launch a new program called YouTube Heroes. Heroes, is a program which is specially designed to acknowledge and rewards to the volunteer’s contributions.

YouTube Heroes is a global community of volunteer contributors to perform a task related with flagging content and on that video, adding captions and subtitles as well. Along with this, all volunteer will have their own online dashboard to work, and they can also take part in “Hero hangouts” at times.

To become a volunteer, you have to travel from 5 levels of YouTube Hero. At the very first level, you have to join the community and access the Heroes dashboard. In second level volunteer can take part in Hero hangouts and at the higher levels, they will be able to sneak peek at new products. Not only that, volunteers are empowered to contact with YouTube Staff directly and they earn point for their work, which figure their “Hero Level”.

The YouTube Heroes program has open all to get enrolled. Anyone with their valid YouTube channel can enroll for the program; that means YouTube channel must not be pending, suspended or inactive at the time of enrollment. YouTube has listed Program Rules in their Help Forum –  If you’re interested in becoming a YouTube Hero you must agree to and comply with the Program Rules.

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