I run a real estate PPC management agency and when I first started out, I made some very serious blunder that nearly made me give-up on my dreams of being an entrepreneur, self employed and an employer of Labor.

Being a newbie with no prior experience and mentor, I had to figure out how through trial and error to generate leads for my new business. Many newbies with no mentor or coach start their digital marketing journey on the wrong footing just like me.

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Having seen it all and conquered, here are the reasons why Pay Per Click is the right way to go for new digital marketers selling digital products and services.

No connection

Starting-up as a newbie in digital marketing is a challenging one because you have little or no connections or influencers to help you lunch your digital marketing project. However, with PPC, you don’t need the help of an influencer or strong social presence to help you lunch or announce your business to the world.

Instant results

As a newbie the best thing to do is to concentrate your marketing resources on things that will give you instant results and avoid those that will not.

One of the key advices I give to newbie’s is to stay clear of external SEO optimization or hiring of SEO expert. Reason being that SEO is not a marketing strategy that gives instant results. It takes time for it to start generating result and that is not what a newbie needs. This infographic which can perfectly describe the relevancy of the SEO in the current search world.

A newbie needs quick fix in form of quick sales to give them the needed multi-nation and finance to keep going. SEO won’t give you that but PPC will.

PPC will take you to the top of search engine result pages

Doing PPC with Google search network will take you to the top of search results. This is an avenue for newbie’s to quickly rank for buyer keywords and make money immediately.

Judicious use of marketing budget

With the ability to set your daily budget, target your potential customers based on the keywords they are using to search for your products makes Pay Per Click the ideal marketing medium for newbie.


SEO is a great marketing tool and I recommend it for every digital marketer selling digital product or services. But as person who has been in the shoes of a newbie and felt what it means to try and fail. It’s my opinion that new start-ups should avoid SEO and make Pay Per Click their marketing priority until they started generating revenue.

Only then should they take a portion of their profit to hire a PPC agency to help them rank hire on Google for their target keyword.

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