The Internet is being used very meteorically in India. The study says that every second three more naive users come online for the first time – that is over 10,000 people every hour. Though the country has large internet penetration still face getting maximum from internet due to 2G connections and conventional devices.

The search engine giant who is celebrating its 18th birthday today announced the company will be unveiling some new product and services in the coming days.

Here are what the company announced at Google for India event:

YouTube Go:

Google today started extensive user tests of YouTube Go, a brand new mobile app for the next generation of YouTube users. Google says that, “Our product team spent the last year learning from users in India about their access and affordability challenges. So we designed the app to load and play YouTube videos smoothly across various connectivity situations, and to provide users transparency and control over their data consumption.”

The app will allow the users to share videos easily with friends and family nearby, without using any data which is really very fruitful for the users. You can sign up at to find out when the app is available

Google Wi-Fi:

Google announced its partnership with Indian Railways and RailTel to provide Wi-Fi at 400 railway stations in India, Last September. Right now, more than 50 stations provide high-quality Internet to 3.5 million people each month. Company Said, “In our research together with IPSOS, we estimate that 15,000 Indians come online each day through these stations.”

It will provide software and guidance on hardware to turn fiber connections into fast, reliable and safe Wi-Fi zones by using which users will get a fast Wi-Fi experience with a simple and unified login, while making it much easier for venues to manage their networks.


Allo is already been so popular amongst users. One of its main features is that it is a preview edition of the Google Assistant, a new way to have a conversation with Google.

In this app, you can ask the Assistant questions and let it help you get things done directly right in your chats. Google claims that right now it is available in English, but later in the year, they’ll also be rolling out the Assistant in Hindi.

Google for India

Chrome for mobile and Google Play:

In some countries like India, connectivity is a challenge, therefore chrome is offering an expanded Data Saver mode, which millions are already using to reduce the amount of data the browser uses on Android mobile devices, computers, and Chromebooks.

Google conveyed that this new update will support MP4 videos, saving up to 67% of video data. Also, Chrome on Android will automatically optimize pages to their essentials when 2G-like networks are detected. These simplified pages load up to 2X faster, saving more than 90% of user data.

Google Lite Mode:

An Android app by Google, Google News and Weather adds a new feature called “Lite mode” for people on low-bandwidth connections that keeps the headlines and omits the rest of the components down to their essentials so that the app loads more quickly.

He company claims that this mode uses less than one-third the data. Slower networks with trigger Lite mode automatically. So it will also reduce the network problem while accessing internet.

Furthermore on this special occasion Google said, “India inspired us to make Maps Offline — a way to download a map to your phone so you can navigate around town even without a data connection. But now people around the world, especially in the U.S. and Europe, are using offline maps to get seamless navigation in mountainous areas or patches in urban centers where connectivity cuts out. Building for India and other countries where the next billion Internet users are coming online not only improves their experiences, it gives us better ideas that work for everyone.”

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