New WhatsApp version allows users to convert recorded videos into GIF images

New WhatsApp Version

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Ever wondered your phone’s local storage contains a WhatsApp animated GIF folder inside WhatsApp directory and doesn’t have a button for sending GIFs? The new releases of WhatsApp and the beta v2.16.242 provides GIF support facility to some extent.

You can convert a newly recorded videos into GIF files. Here are the simple steps to convert a newly recorded video to a GIF:

  • Go to Attachment, choose camera, do your recordings by selecting record and finish using OK.
  • Select the camcorder icon situated at upper right corner if u want to trim the video, it’ll automatically switch to GIF icon. Now click send.

Remember if your newly recorded video or your prerecorded video from gallery is less than 6 seconds, it will be available with the GIF switch button.

Now if you search for your sent GIF video in your device it will appear you as original mp4 file. WhatsApp even then gives assurance that the sent file is GIF and will be received as GIF. It is because unlike the simple videos these are animated. These videos are labelled GIFs in the conversation list as well as in notifications. This feature has obviously come with limited support.

Via: Android Police

New WhatsApp version allows users to convert recorded videos into GIF images