It’s been a long time when Apple assured that its upcoming iPhones will definitely have the fingerprint recognition technology implemented thoroughly on its screen. There were lot many progression of Apple patents already present for this technology, and now another one is introduced which clearly indicating that it’ll allow a fingerprint to be recognize anywhere on the screen.

This patent elaborates how ‘electric field differences between ridges and valleys of the fingerprint’ could be applied to a capacitive screen.
iPhone8 Patent
Apple aforementioned that, “In the case of fingerprint recognition systems that include arrays of capacitive sensing elements to detect the fingerprint images, i.e. capacitive fingerprint sensors, there may be a number of reasons for these components to axially aligned with other components of the consumer electronics device, such as display stacks and touch screens, not the least of which is an interest in avoiding assigning valuable surface space exclusively to an component that may only be used briefly during the process of identifying the user.”

There was a different method implemented in previous patent named as ‘Ultrasound Imaging’. But that technique was strictly restricted to a particular fixed area.

Everyone has still a question mark that either it’s a myth or reality that Apple’s new iPhone will be named as iPhone 8, because logically it should be known as iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus but Apple didn’t clear or claim any name patterns yet.

This brand new 2017 model of iPhone is rumored to come with a radical design. So this will be the reason to buy this latest iPhone for all the iPhone lovers.

Hope Apple also overcome the problem of slow charging present within all the predecessors in its upcoming iPhone.