Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
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    Active: 7,386,394
    Recovered: 22,241,433
    Death: 953,563
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    Active: 2,521,220
    Recovered: 4,170,206
    Death: 202,622
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    South Africa
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    Active: 2,169
    Recovered: 23,855
    Death: 837
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    Active: 2,635
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    Death: 377
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    New Zealand
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    Active: 70
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    Death: 25

LinkedIn Open Candidates, a new feature sends signal to recruiters landing new job

Author at TechGenyz Social Media
LinkedIn Open Candidates

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social networking service which gathers all the professionals under it. The Microsoft owned company is the biggest platform for the professionals and for the strugglers who are in the search of a job. The professional platform has added LinkedIn Open Candidates, a new feature allowing users to send signal to recruiters under the nose of the current company.

Currently LinkedIn has 450 million users worldwide that provides users the opportunity of creating a public professional presence. By just creating your profile on LinkedIn, which in turn is very effective representing your marketable skills and other talent will help you getting found by recruiters and hiring managers all over the world.

Open Candidates Job

But it’s sometimes very much necessary for some people to find a job very necessarily, if they are already employed. So this news will be very fruitful for them, as now you can freely connect with the recruiters with full privacy.

As this given point of time Open Candidates is available in the U.S, U.K., Canada and Australia on the desktop and mobile Web for now and other countries to get the feature in coming days.

For enjoying this facility, you just have to follow below steps: –

a) Withhold Your Activity Updates: –

When creating your profile, try to use phrases in it. It will definitely set much more impact of your profile on recruiter but they must be something related to the job you seeking for. One another best way is that try to make some positive changes in your profile over some time period. But if you don’t want these changes to be shown to all your connections, then you just have to head over to your Privacy & Settings area, which you can find by clicking on your headshot in the top right corner of LinkedIn, and click on the “Turn on/off your activity broadcasts” link.

Open Candidates Job Apply

Uncheck the box that pops up here so your connections will no longer receive updates about changes to your profile or other actions you take on LinkedIn, such as posting in a Group discussion.

Then your updates will only be visible to recruiters and network contacts.

b) Stick around private while viewing other’s profiles: –

In the same Privacy & Settings area, click on the “Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile” link. Here you can change the way you appear in other’s “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” area so that you will remain anonymous.

This will help in the situation where you connected with a person which know your employer very well and if he discusses with your employer or boss about this will be very problematic situation for you.

That’s why just stick around the private.

c) Join new groups, but keep your memberships private

If you want to connect with lot many people on LinkedIn, then you can easily do this by using the LinkedIn Groups facilities. But if you’re already employed then your boss can force you not to join such groups.

In the nick of time, you can hide those new memberships so they do not appear on your Profile and your activity in those groups is not broadcast to your network.

For doing this you just have to go to Edit Profile mode, scroll down and click on the pencil symbol next to “Groups.”

Under each group name, you will see either the word “Visible” or “Hidden.” To change a group’s visibility on your profile, roll over that word and click on “Change.” On the resulting screen, uncheck the box next to “Display the group logo on your profile” to remove it from public view.

d) Contact people privately for networking: –

Always try to make all your connections privately by sending direct messages to individuals or by using InMail.

e) Choose the premium LinkedIn badge: –

Those user’s who are using LinkedIn’s Job Seeker Premium, they have the option to include the Job Seeker Premium briefcase badge on their profile to indicate that they are looking for a new position and help them stand out in searches.

But if you’re seeking privacy, you can visit the Premium Badge section of your Settings page to select the general premium “in” badge instead.

These are some steps to be followed for enjoying your job hunt very secretly on LinkedIn. Hope it will help you.