It’s sometimes very annoying while visiting a JavaScript heavy websites which uses significant amount of memory slowing down your computer. Now there is a good news – the issue expected to be resolved on the upcoming Chrome 55 version.

The Chromium Team, Google developers working on Chrome Browser has worked hard and found out idea how to improve the performance of browser. Chrome 55 will include JavaScript engine that significantly reduces memory increasing better user experience.

On your desktop or mobile, if you open many tabs at a time then browser takes much time to load data. Many modern websites use JavaScript and browsers takes more response time to load data and use increased RAM space. The search engine giant has been testing Chrome 55 in sites like New York Times, Reddit and YouTube and witnessed that it used 50% less RAM on average than earlier version.

To use the updated Chrome 55 version, you have to wait until December 6th or if you are more interested to check this updation then you can run pre-release code. You will mainly notice the difference between Chrome 55 and its previous versions. If your computer already has a lot of memory or you close tabs to save some memory, then maybe you can’t see the impact of updation.

The Chromium Team is hoping to release more memory-saving updates in the future, specifically focusing on low-end devices with less than 1 GB of memory.