A fastest wireless charging pad has introduced by LG Innotek, the South Korean giant’s materials and components manufacturer for the smartphone users. In last couple of years smartphone penetration has increased in a significant amount so there is a need of such kind of charger. On Wednesday LG announced its new 15W (watt) wireless charging pad and its 3 times faster than existing 5W wireless charging module.

LG stated that the speed of new 15 W charger is equal to quick wired charger speed, it charge 50% battery in 30 min.

The wireless charging pad is device supplies electric power to smartphone in a slim pad form. If you put the smartphone on the pad, make sure that your phone supports wireless charging; the pad starts to charge battery.

Sung Huh, a head of electronic components business division of LG Innotek said, “We proved that we had the world best wireless charging technology”. He also said, “As a wireless charging module is directly related to the convenience and safety of the users, we will meet the expectations of our customers with advanced performance and perfect product quality.”

This charging pad has high compatibility and meets the standards of Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), which is an international standardization organization for wireless charging.