Hoverwatch Review: Phone Tracker Lets Users Track All Their Device Activity

Ever wondered what your children are doing online at home with their mobile phones or PCs or your employees at the office? This is sometimes occasional children get into trouble visiting some of the restricted sites and on the other hand, it becomes difficult to monitor your employee activity that connected to the overall growth of the company.

Here is the solution for you – thanks to Hoverwatch – the application by the company lets users track all the activities in their devices and help them to take corrective measures. Hoverwatch has solutions for all three types of devices – Android, Windows PC, and Mac Computer.

Hoverwatch provides parental control and employee monitoring solutions and has installed more than 12 million devices across the world. Not many solutions are available in the market that helps the users to track day-to-day activities happening at their home or in office. By simply installing Free Phone Tracker application users can track their call records, history and audio, camera, locations, WhatsApp, Facebook, internet activity, calendar, contacts, and Tracker records SMS all in one place.

Solution for multiple devices

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Hoverwatch provides a solution for multiple devices – namely Android phones, Windows PC as well as Mac Computer. Since security is a major concern for parents for their children – the application is made with the aim of tracking their online activity, be it phones or PCs. The most important part of the Free Phone tracker – once installed in the device it is completely invisible to the users i.e. the solution that remains undetectable by the user of the monitored Android device.

Track phone location

Digital transformation has changed the way we use devices – phone and online platform has become important platform for us to store our daily moments like photos, videos, and messages. But you need not worry since Phone Tracker lets users track the whereabouts of the device Geo location tracker. With the help of Wi-Fi signals, cell towers, and GPS you can track to track the location of the monitored device not only that you will receive a notification that your SIM card is changed every time alarming you to lose your phone in the wrong hands.

Hoverwatch Geo Location

Monitor every message transpires through phone

How about having a device that will capture the image of the users once it is unlocked? True to be told Call and SMS tracker by Hoverwatch automatically captures pictures using front camera secretly giving you the info who is actually using the phone. Using this application you can record every single outgoing and incoming call and track the content exchanged via your SMS and MMS.

According to a new report published on The Verge shows that Messenger and WhatsApp process 60 billion messages a day, three times more than SMS. As these medium becoming more popular it has become a major concern for the user about the content of the messages transpires every second. This mobile phone tracker lets you read the messages sent using WhatsApp and Facebook mobile apps. Not only that you can track and save every single file that was exchanged in Facebook conversations.

Hoverwatch Track SMS

Hoverwatch for Windows PC and Mac

Our web world is comprised of 1 billion websites and 60 trillion individual web pages and it is constantly growing. To stay secure in the online world and keep track of day-to-day activities has become a major concern and here comes a solution from Hoverwatch. By installing the software in the Windows PC you can take entire control of how the monitored device is being used. You can have a bird’s eye view of the browser history, track webcam photos and see the Skype messages by installing SMS Tracker in the PC.

Moreover, you can look at the search queries, desktop screenshots without letting the children or employees in the office – all in invisible mode. Did I not mention Hoverwatch also has its solution for the Mac PC as well with the similar feature available in Windows PC?

Hoverwatch Windows PC

Device compatibility and how to start

Keeping in the mind of the user base the company has a very simple installable procedure. Hoverwatch application works on devices running Android version 4.x or later and supports a computer running Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. If you have Mac devices then it should compatible with OS X 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite or 10.11 El Capitan, 10.12 Sierra.

You can start using the solution by creating a free account on its website here and once you sign-up will receive an email for activation. Based on your system requirement you can download the application for installation using your email id. Once the installation process is complete you’re done – you can take monitor the devices and see the reports for the Hoverwatch dashboard.

Pricing and plans

The company provides two pricing plans – one for personal users and one comes with a business plan. For personal plan, pricing is based on the number of devices and tenure – for one month plan it charges $19.95 and upon selection of 1-year plan, it charges $99.95. Whenever your business is making a purchase, the price is obviously a huge consideration.

Subscription plans for the business are generally monthly fees per user account and start with $3.33 per month/device based on the add-ons selected plan. Depending on the requirement business entity can select a customized plan where the company charges $199.95 for 1-year subscription. And the best part is the user can save up to 60% per device for installation in more than five devices.

Checking compatibility and support

Support is the major concern for the users before they select any software solution. The company listed all the required information on its website where users see the detailed guide about installation in the text as well as a video guide.

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