Google rolls out major update on Gmail for iOS and on Google Calendar

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Gmail is all set to come up with its biggest remodeling update in four years. This big change is very much fruitful for the users for sure. Google itself calling it an overhaul of app.

There are lot many features to be noted. Some of which are as listed below: –

Undo Send

Sometimes it happens that we send our mail to wrong person by mistake. And till the date we don’t have any option to correct that mistake. But this new upcoming update will allow you to undo that send immediately after noticing the mistake. This facility is there in the Google’s own inbox app but Gmail wasn’t.

Faster and Instant Results

This latest update will be much more efficient in terms of speed. As the search, will be much faster with instant results and suggestion will also be provided while typing. All this makes the overall app to work much faster.

Similarly, Google’s Calendar app is also getting some updates. According to the information by some sources, we can now use month and week views in landscape mode, can set up alternate calendars. Moreover, within Apple’s spotlight search you can search for events, reminders and goals.

You can catch these updates on your iOS devices with the latest version of Gmail app.

Source: itunes

Google rolls out major update on Gmail for iOS and on Google Calendar