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Samsung Galaxy S8 to drop home button for improved AI Feature

Nov 8, 2016, 5:33 am

Samsung’s upcoming flagship device Samsung Galaxy S8 is steaming with rumors of designs and actual components. The hottest leaks say the handset will be available in market whenever released in two different versions. The device will be packed in the same 2K display which was used in Galaxy S6 and Note 7. The new thing is it will have a comeback of enhanced artificial intelligence service.

Samsung confirmed of the potentially powerful digital virtual assistant in the handset that might require a physical button. The leaks of the prototypes suggest – Samsung will incorporate a button on its side walls for VR feature but again it is not final. The South Korean technology major aims for higher position in market through digital assistants feature. CTO of Samsung’s AI service from the US based Viv labs Inc. said it would offer services “significantly differentiated” from those of competition.

Since the testing of button for AI goes on in Samsung Labs innovation and improvement center the unveiling might be delayed to April. This delay ensures the smartphone will make an appreciable blast in the market.

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