When it comes about providing new features or services to its users Google comes among the top listed companies. YouTube, a Google owned company and the most popular video-sharing platform on the web has added support for the HDR (High Dynamic Range) videos.

Previously YouTube added some product features and made new video/audio format for users – from HD to 4K videos, live streaming, 3D, 360-degree video and spatial audio.

HDR videos has the most clarity compared to the previous HD videos. And it provides higher contrast, revealing precise, detailed shadows, stunning highlights and the pixel colors are more vibrant.

Now users can watch the HDR YouTube videos on the HDR TV’s or any other devices which will support this new update and can upload the HDR videos to their YouTube Channels. Soon it will support on all Samsung SUHD and UHD TV’s. For now, the devices which doesn’t support HDR will get the standard dynamic range to play High Quality YouTube videos.

YouTube in a blog post says that users can upload HDR videos and creators can add more color to tell an awesome story.