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Microsoft’s Project Cheshire for new to-do style app is on private beta

Nov 9, 2016, 5:31 pm

Although Microsoft is already owning a to-do list app, it is building a new one which is in Private Beta named as project Cheshire. To-do list app is a best do list and task list manager app which is designed for windows as a free source.

According to, the app has got some major updates for the previous version and is now a part of a private beta. It lets you create multiple lists, set reminders and sync your to-dos between your devices. More than that, users can share files, delegate items to people, discuss and publish list on the web.

In June 2015, Microsoft has acquired Wunderlist, a Berlin-based task manager, that time the Wunderlist reported that 13 million users used this app. And hence added some more functionalities. Though it is available for Android, iOS and web users, it is now launched into the Windows Store.

It is available on Android, iOS and Windows as a UWP app.

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