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Daydream app by Google is now available in Google Play Store

Nov 10, 2016, 2:38 pm

Google Play Store is now available with the new official Daydream app. The app gives the best high-quality experience for devices supporting virtual reality. It should not be mixed up with Google VR services as it is the platform for handling much of the VR services.

Daydream has the large store of eye-catching Games, Widgets and Daydream compatible featured links to Google Play. The new app provides faster browsing to virtual apps from your library and wonderful GUI. It seems much like a home screen with lots of settings and options.

Daydream app game

The app works best with Daydream VR headsets and controller. When you put on your headsets the app shows you the more featured and fresh content. For the magnificent view through the app it requires Daydream compatible phones like Pixel and Pixel XL or Daydream View.

Want to give a try? – the app is already up in the Google Play Store for download.

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