Snaptacles, a Camera Glasses Device launched by Snapchat


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Snapchat has unveiled a hardware device ‘Snapchat Spectacles’ for their snappers. Earlier the company has sold branded beach towel and Ghost backpacks but this is the first hardware device from the social networking site.

Snapchat is selling the device through a Big Yellow vending machine called “Bots” Rather than the online selling. The Machine itself has three buttons for each color variations of spectacles. This vending machine will be travelling, and the will show up where this machine will be located.

The Packaging is cool and the case which is Yellow in color act as a charging Box for Snaptacles. These Snaptacles are light weight when you put them on and pairing to your device is as easy as opening your snapchat app. Along with this the Box contains a charging cable.


For the connectivity, open the Snapchat App, wear the Snaptacles and just look into the Snapchat code and then press the button on the left corner of the Snaptacles to take 10 second snaps. User can pair their phone pair with the Snaptacles via. Bluetooth.

One of the great features is that users can view their snap videos in a circular mode it will be beautifully centered on any smartphone device.

The device is priced at 129$ (8715 INR) and available in three color variations: Sea Blue, Red and the Standard Black.

Source: 9to5Mac

Snaptacles, a Camera Glasses Device launched by Snapchat