Microsoft Clip Layer app helps to copy and paste texts on any screen

Nov 30, 2016, 7:31 pm

Ashwini S.

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Technology is space where change is indomitable – and a lot of thing is being happening around every day. Since most of the search is done via mobile it required to have some feature to help users give a seamless experience. Microsoft Clip Layer app, a new app from the software giant lets users to copy text from any screen by long-pressing the home button and paste in email and other documents more easily.
Android is the most used mobile operating system and copying text in some places on earlier versions is little problematic. There some still places on the Android powered devices where copying a text is not accessible and the new app will certainly helpful in those areas.


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It’s a very simple way to copy the whole text or selected text area on your screen using the app. Once you tap the Clip Layer, it reads automatically all text from your screen, you then just have to tap the fields that you want to copy. Press the Text button which is hanged over the upper right corner, once you select the text just copy it into the clip board and paste it or send it wherever you want.

Microsoft Clip Layer App

The interesting thing is, it’s not unlike Universal Copy, but Clip Layer’s work seems much better. This something what Pixel users will miss – the Google Assistant will not be the part of Home key anymore. So, they will lose the feature of direct accessing Google Assistant from Home button if they decide to be the Clip Layer on their smartphones. The app already available on Google Play store for download.

Source: Android Police

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