Facebook rolls out Horizontal Swipe and other Discovery Opportunities in Instant Articles

Dec 6, 2016, 9:08 am

Ankita P.

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Social media giant Facebook has rolled out Horizontal Swipe and other Discovery Opportunities feature in Instant Articles. The new feature in will help users to discover multiple stories from a publisher as much faster as possible same as Instant Articles themselves.

The company says that for achieving this they’ve been talking to publishers and the team was busy in finding new ways by which Instant Articles can better enable discovery to serve as a gateway to more content experiences. Below is an image how the new features in looks like:

Horizontal Swipe

By using this new horizontal scrolling concept now you’ll be able to read more stories from the same publisher. Being Instant Article they will load much faster making the search more continuous.

The company says that,

“The horizontal swipe feature is just one of the tools we are building and testing to drive deeper engagement with publisher content. In addition, we’re continuing to explore the best ways to surface the most relevant stories for readers, experimenting with different engagement signals such as recency, popularity and proximity.”

This feature will provide more visual appearance that features thumbnail images and larger article units. Moreover, it will also able to show total counts of reader Reactions and Comments to give readers more signals to use when choosing which stories to read next which makes it more attractive.

Facebook will roll out this new feature using the Facebook app on iOS version 72 and ensures that it will open to Android in the coming weeks.

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