Google has revealed its new personal app called Trusted Contacts which is designed for the safety and security of the family member or friends. This app will allow you to share your location with your personal contacts at everyday situation and when in case any emergency arises.

The built-in feature of the app lets you to share your current location to your trusted friends and give virtually walk through of your journey. Some social apps let users to share their nearby location with the loved ones but those are not so handy. But with Trusted Contacts you can track the location in both the way. You will need to assign the trusted contacts status to your closest friends and family from your personal contact list, after that they can see your activity status about online and your recent locations.

Google Trusted Contacts

You can also change your trusted contacts whenever needed. If you are stuck in a location where you feel so unsafe so you can share your actual location with your trusted contacts to inform them and to find a suitable solution for it. The most important part the app is it allows your loved ones to request your location if they are so worried about you. If everything seems to be fine, then you can deny that request. But if you don’t respond at that suitable timeframe than your location is automatically forwarded to your contacts added in the list.

Google has already listed more details about its new app in the Help Center. The app is now available in Play Store for Android users and it is expected be available for iOS users as well in coming days. Stay tuned with us for more updates.