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Now good news for the Google Allo users. The search engine giant has officially announced that Allo features now will be available for all the users in Hindi language as well.

Google Allo is an instant messaging app developed by Google which was announced at Google I/O on May 18, 2016 and launched on September 21, this year. User with this instant messaging app can access all the data of the other windows through the chatting window. Google Allo has received a good response in, especially in India which has large number of users for Google Allo.

Messaging app has become an important part of everyone’s life today. For example, if a user wants to comment on cricket match or wants to plan for a party with friends, there comes instant messaging app. The user can watch score of cricket match on one window, whereas search the list of restaurants on another window. On the third window the user gets an update of weather.

Google has been trying to establish its strong presence in the messaging world since majority of the market share is captured by Facebook with its Messenger and WhatsApp. It is expected that more users will be added to the app with addition of Hindi in Assistant and Smart Reply.

Google Assistant

As per the needs of the users Assistant provides relevant information to the users such as for chatting with friends, playing games. With this app, a user can carry out all the activities of the other windows through the chatting window. In Allo, to chat with your assistant or to bring Google assistant into any chat group simply type @google. Assistant can also be used in Hindi language by simply saying “Talk to me in Hindi” or change your device settings to Hindi language.

Smart Reply

Another striking feature of Allo is smart reply through which users can respond immediately. In reality, majority of the people use smart reply on Allo. Allo’s ‘’Smart Reply” function uses Google’s machine learning technology to suggest a reply to the last message which can be selected from any of the given options. This feature also analyses images sent to the user in order to suggest responses.

Smart reply will recognize the language a user is chatting in and begin to show suggested responses in that language. For example, if you’re conversing in English, the app will only suggest English responses, but if you switch to Hindi, it will alter the suggestions accordingly.

The app is available both on Android and iOS. This feature is currently available in English, Hindi, Hinglish, German, Brazilian, and Portuguese and after a period of time this feature will be available in more languages.

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