Why having a plan B is necessary for entrepreneurs?

Every Entrepreneur has a dream in mind.

A goal to start a new company.

Solve people’s problems.

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Become popular for a unique idea.

Have freedom to live life on own terms.

But it demands hard work, consistency, and putting your entire being and heart into the achievement of that goal.

It demands a strategic plan, and its execution.

Hold on!

Are we talking about only one plan here?

What if something goes wrong?

You would be devastated, of course. You’ll lose all your hope, your dreams will die in fraction of seconds. You’ll lose the motivation. May be switching yourself to a 9 to 5 corporate job will seem like the best option.

Ohh, that sucks!

You don’t wanna be one of those corporate robots. You don’t wanna follow the crowd. You want to stand out. You want to hire a dedicated developer, designer, in fact, a whole team to make your idea work.

However, you may think that you have a perfect idea and a perfect plan to convert that idea into reality. And that’s good.

But do you still want to take that risk?

I know risks are always needed to be taken while starting a business. After all, that’s how it works.

But what if you could increase your chances of success, rather than failure, just for the sake of your dream?

You would want that for yourself, wouldn’t you?

Of course, you would.

But the question still remains to be answered – a BIG how?

How to make sure that you’ll succeed?

Well, for that, you must always have a plan B.

plan B

“You should always be ready for a changed situation. When there comes some fault in your Plan A, get ready to use Plan B”, – Don Draper from Mad Men.

I know it would require to invest the same or even more amount of time for preparing a plan B, but it has its benefits as well. Benefits that’ll help you increase the chances of winning.

You’ll Have an Option For Survival

Having a plan B can make you be more realistic. Make sure you live to see another day, even if your plan A fails.

And it’s normal to feel foolish and overly cautious for assuming that your plan A may not work. But remember, the world is already filled with overly-qualified intelligent individuals, and there are so many people who might be going for the same plan as you are.

Can you guarantee yourself that you’ll be the successful one among those?

No you can’t. Nobody can.

But what you can do is, increase your chances for that matter, and having a plan B is quite logical, you’ll have an option for survival, in case your plan A doesn’t work out for you.

It Improves Your Plan A

What would be your first step for preparing a plan B?


You’ll be required to think through many outcomes. Find new opportunities. Discover different ways to achieve that goal of yours. And in this same exact process, you’ll discover flaws in your plan A. Not that many. But they may be there. You just couldn’t think of those before.

This will ultimately make you take a closer look at your plan A. To replace those flaws with new approaches. And that plan A of yours will be improved.

It Gives You More Confidence For Taking Risks

It’s inside you – the fear. In fact, we all have it. And it always affects our confidence. Be it singing in front of 500 people or facing the first job interview. And we just can’t do anything about it, right?


We can!

At least while starting a new company.

And Plan B helps to throw away that fear.

Knowing that even if you fail to achieve your plan A, you still have another approach to reach your goal, and that is what makes you feel less scared. It makes you more confident for taking that risk.

Where From Here?

So should you cancel your dinner plan, turn off that TV, and get cracking on plan B?

Well, go for it.

It will do nothing less but contribute to your success, which you actually want, which you actually need. So go ahead! Make it happen!

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Yuvraj Sinh
Yuvraj Sinh
Yuvrajsinh is a Business Growth Strategist atSpace-O Technologies. He keeps exploring tools and strategies that can help Entrepreneurs to grow their business.


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