Facebook Live 360 launched, now combined with Live Video Streaming

Facebook Live 360

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Now a good news comes from Facebook before the year ends. This year the social media major introduced Live Streaming and now the company has added Facebook Live 360 to its feature list.

Live video on Facebook gives people an immediate and reliable window that gives information about what’s happening in the world right now; viewers will get fully absorbed into the scene and also will allow the viewers to explore and experience a new environment.

The feature to go live today at 12 PM PT with the National Geographic’s first 360 Live video as scientists emerge from 80 days of isolation in pods at Utah’s Mars Desert Research Station. At launch, users can only listen to the spatial audio effect via You Tube’s Android app.

The video will also provide a behind the scenes look at their lives in the simulated environments and provides a Q&A facility where commenter’s can communicate with science experts, writers and thinkers.

Let’s not mix up 360-degree videos with VR and the new feature doesn’t include any 3D element. The social media giant to offer 360-degree broadcasting to selected Pages via Facebook Live’s API. Next year, Facebook plans to roll out the immersive, real-time video streaming capability to all Pages and users.  

The feature will become increasingly important when virtual reality headsets become more streams, because poor or Omni-directional sound will ruin an immersive experience. To showcase the 360-degree live streaming, YouTube is streaming a number of performances during Coachella.

By the launch of 360-degree live streaming YouTube temporary takes over Facebook, which lets users post 360-degree clips or live streams – but not footage that combines the two.

Via: The Next Web © Image: Facebook

Facebook Live 360 launched, now combined with Live Video Streaming