The new way of data backup of iPhone using Google Drive app

Google Drive App

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Google finally came out with an answer to Apple’s Android app that has a switching feature with its own iOS switching options. The search giant has rolled out the new feature – giving users option to take backup of iPhone to its Google Drive App on iOS. The motto of Google Drive is, to the back up the stuff like your contacts, photos and calendar events into the cloud storage.

If user have a plan to switch from iPhone into Android than the Google Drive has ability to instantly back up their contacts, photos camera roll and calendar events storing it into the cloud. To access this feature user have to follow three step processes.

  • Firstly, user has to download the Google Drive from App store.
  • After that, sign in with the primary Google account you will be using in your Android device.
  • Using Google Drive app, Go to Menu> Setting> Start process of backing up user’s data.


The process of getting and pulling the stuff or gear from cloud makes easier to access the backup data. Along with that provide the accessibility from the cloud. During the backup process all the data may get a while time to get transferred, depending on your data’s size and on your photo size. Probably user has to keep the devise under the power source and also connect it to Wi-Fi.

After the backup process, user can duck out their iPhone to Android. Once they jumped into the Android users have to sign in with their Google account, all the stuff will be automatically be the transfer simultaneously. Of course there is a dark thing that, Google Drive won’t have the backup your texts and the music library.

Via: The Verge

The new way of data backup of iPhone using Google Drive app