If you are a Project Fi subscriber travelling through San Jose International Airport, always forgets something in your travel bag then here is the Google called Travel Trolley for you.

Project Fi is a new wireless service introduced by Google offering talk, text, Wi-Fi tethering, and international coverage in more than 120 countries. It provides subscriptions plans at $10, $20, $30 according to the usage. A vending machine called “Travel Trolley” dispenses travel goodies like charging cables, toothbrush, meye masks, socks etc.

If you are a Project Fi subscriber passing through this Airport, then you should surely try this. The vending machine can be seen at Airport’s terminal B at Gate 5. For now, the service is available only on Nexus 6, 6p and 5x.

You will need to call on the following number *#*#359948434#*#*. This generates a unique QR code. Hold it up of the travel trolley’s scanner. Choose the free travel item you love from fi and it’ll be dispensed for free. The only thing to remember the items are free only if you’ve a Project Fi subscription.

Google has detailed the Project Fi Travel Trolley on its Support page here and you can contact the company if you’re facing any issue getting your QR code.