Google revealed a glimpse of Android Wear 2.0’s standalone apps

Android Wear 2.0

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Google focusing on some new features to be introduced in its ecosystem with the Android Wear 2.0. And hence, launching its standalone app which is able to run by itself without using any companion app. This new feature will help the Android wear developers to reach to its users very easily.

Google said that all the audiences will be able to search, install and use apps without leaving their device. Google introduced three apps which will make use of its latest Android Wear 2.0 app.

The first app Google mentioned is Glide, users can use this for live broadcast directly from the watch face. Moreover, for starting a conversation you just have to tap contact shortcuts from the watch face and there you can launch into a conversation. Google claimed that it will be very helpful and fruitful for the users for wrist-based faster communication.

Another app which will make use of Android 2.0’s standalone app is Foursquare, this will help the travelers for the discovery of best places to eat, drink and explore and will also provide the necessary no-tifications of the place they’re visiting.

Kyle Fowler, Software Engineer at Foursquare said that, “The standalone nature of Android Wear 2.0 app will offer a big boost in search performance and app responsiveness so you spend less time staring at the screen and more time exploring the world around you.”

Furthermore, another app in the queue is Lifesum which is going to help the users for making the better food choices and will also be very helpful for the people who are very health conscious by providing the platform for reaching their health goals.

This is the introductory information about Android Wear 2.0’s standalone app provided by Google in their official blog, we’ll looking forward for any new update about Android Wear 2.0 app.

Google revealed a glimpse of Android Wear 2.0’s standalone apps