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Skype introduces new Skype Mingo app aims to use the platform as ultimate communication hub

Dec 16, 2016, 6:10 pm

Microsoft has released an alpha version of a new Skype app, called Skype Mingo that already available in the Google Play Store. Skype Mingo is an alternative to the default messaging app. The app aims at offering Android users the ability to use Skype as “ultimate communication hub, providing native calls, SMS, and contacts management capability”. The new app also seems like it aimed at developing markets where data is at premium.

Skype Mingo is being developed by Skype team and is currently in an alpha stage of development, i.e. the app is not launched officially. Microsoft earlier promised that it would be bringing Skype’s SMS relay features to Android, and seems this app is where it will be able to test out the feature. Since there is an absence of SMS relay, this app supports SMS and can be used as a standalone SMS client to replace Google Messenger, Textra or what you have.

Skype Mingo looks just like the usual Skype app with blue-and-white color scheme. In addition to working as your Android dialer, Skype Mingo is also a full Skype Client, with all the features i.e. you can use Skype’s numerous bots in Skype Mingo. These automated virtual assistants perform variety of tasks such as finding Flights, tickets, nearby businesses, searching the web, tracking packages, playing games and more.

Skype Mingo Features

Skype Mingo offers full phone functionality. The app is not only “small and fast” but also has an additional feature like Economic Calling and On-Demand Sync to help users save money.

The app also features the same “Recent” and “Recent Calls” screens present in the main Skype app. In addition to this, the app also showcases your SMS and regular call history. Furthermore, it also provides support for SMS which you can send directly from the “Contacts” screen. It seems that Skype Mingo will serve as a testing ground for the SMS Relay feature recently introduced in the Windows 10 preview of Skype.

Back in November Microsoft announced plans to unify Skype “across all platforms” with the launch of “Skype for Life” although it’s not known if Skype Mingo falls under this strategy, or is simply an alpha to the Android Skype client.

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