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Uber introduces self-driving cars in San Francisco with Volvo XC90s

Dec 17, 2016, 1:31 pm

San Francisco always enjoys the big presence of Uber and now the city is going to experience its new tech trend. This week the car hailing company Uber introduced its new self-driving cars on the road giving UberX users opportunity to experience the new service. Uber said that it will be very joyful for the persons who really don’t like to talk to the driver while their journey.

More interestingly, company is not only introducing the self-driving facility, but XC90 self-driving car by Volvo is also making its debut. The car comes with detailed 360-degree view of the road through cameras with smart combo of lidar, radar, laser and wireless technology.

The company gives all credit of bringing these features to life to Uber’s Advanced Technologies Center which made the special efforts for taking the self-driving feature of Uber to a next level.

Uber continuously working for the betterment of its driverless technology, and some information revealed that in future it will apply this feature in Ford Fusion as well.

All the rival companies are working and planning something more interesting and for the advancement of driverless technology, hence Uber wants to introduce its plans as soon as possible.

Uber hoping that all its users in San Francisco will definitely love this robotic service.

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