Xiaomi has announced an addition of a new feature to its Mi Band 2 smart wearable which is a fitness guide for the users. The new feature is making the watch more useful as it is now able to monitor indoor fitness routine.

The new mode known as “Indoor Run Mode” will be useful for the users whenever the indoor running will take place like on treadmill for recording the distance. Until now the Mi Band was only able to record the outdoor running activities, but this new feature is making the gadget much smarter and more useful.

It will be of great for those users who used to do their running exercise indoor, and especially on treadmill. All the track of running on treadmill will now be recorded by Mi Band. Xiaomi introduced this new feature for the convenience of its users in winters or any other unfavorable climatic conditions.
For enabling the indoor running mode, you need to click the top left corner of the home page running icon. And then, click on the top of the page choose running or indoor running mode and here you can activate the latest feature.

With this latest feature, Mi Band 2 is continuing its previous features as well which includes 0.42-inch OLED display and a scratch resistant glass and anti-fingerprint coating. Furthermore, it features Bluetooth v4.0 which make it able to sync with both Android and iOS.

Mi Band 2 is available at very reasonable price and has lot many unique and interesting features which make it more desirable gadget to the users. And now with this new striking feature, hopefully Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will again experience a great success.