Aerial screen saver is a Mac screen saver based on the new Apple Smart TV screen saver that displays the aerial movies. The Apple has introduced 21 new Aerial Screen Savers to its flagship. This Apple Aerial movies are captured in New York, San Francisco, Hawaii, China etc

The 21 new Aerial screen savers are added to the data source which is maintained by the Apple. & the new screen savers of videos are captured in China, Dubai, Hong Kong, Greenland, Liwa, Los Angeles.
This is fourth generation Apple TV feature known for its high-quality. To keep content fresh, the Aerial Screen Saver features an aerial view of different location around the world.

Screen savers shows pictures one after the other in a slow motion based on the cities, locations & also based on the time of the day for lightning and changing of the pictures.

The Aerial screen saver feature chooses any random video from the data source. To grab this feature & watch it on iOS devices or Macs, the iDownloadBlog has parsed the data and shared direct link to each of the new screen savers.

This screen savers will take time to available for all users. Depending on the Settings of the Apple TV, new screen savers will download on the basis of daily, weekly or monthly as it downloads the aerial content on the regular basis.