Many recommendations are made to the Google Maps over a period of time. The new APK update in Google+ teardown allows to relocate the location sharing feature to Google Maps. The update also consists of new improved image cropping tool to come in the new version.

Teardown: Teardowns are based on evidence found inside of APK’s and are necessarily speculative and usually based on partial information.

Location Sharing will move to Google Maps

For a long time, rumors were spread that Location Sharing feature would move to Google Maps. Rumors were spread because hints of such plans have been visible in teardowns of Maps, Google+, and Play services for long time. But, unfortunately, it did not happen any sooner. No misinterpretations can be made since the new text in the Google+ APK is specific about the plan. Recent teardowns of the Maps app show that users will be able to look up each other through phone numbers, but should also provide an alternative option for sharing locations via email, Google+ profiles, and possibly some other methods.

Improved image cropping tool

There are not many users who would be interested in this feature. This feature was not available before and now it includes a new characteristic: common aspect ratios. Several lines represent the most common aspect ratios for images for different situations, like 16:9 for widescreen videos and 4:3 for old school TV shows, 3:2 for “straight out of the camera” photographs (because this matches most image sensors and 35mm film), and of course Square and Original.
The current cropping tool can only be used to adjust the framing of profile pictures, and it’s not even very good at that. A new tool would allow users to set parts of an image before including it in a post or album. Image Editor is the only option presently that allows user to crop images and then share images to Google+. Users who are fond of sharing lot of photos are benefited by this feature as it saves lot of time of users.

You can download and install it just like any other APK app.