Public figures like famous athlete, musician, journalist or a politician always want to get connected to their audience. Facebook is enhancing its Mentions, an app used by public figures is to share live videos and connect with their fans.

Facebook is excited to share Mentions updates to make the experience extremely useful ,enjoyable, and safe. The new updates comes with several new features to manage the Live Videos without anxiety among your fans .

Facebook has provided broadcasting in three steps:

Before the Broadcast:

The new Team Prompts feature allows social media managers to draft Live Video announcements for their celebrity clients providing easy review. The public- figures team can star posts and can schedule reminders to publish posts live at any event. Fans can easily comment, react, and question but this might include abusive or hateful comments too. Comment Moderation Tool blacklists some selected words which broadcasters can use to prevent such comments to go live.

During the Broadcast:

Adjustments tray adjusts brightness according to darkness. With new updates customizing and control has become more convenient. Flipping camera option has also been added to choose mirroring the picture or not. Mirroring used especially for showcasing certain text or logo can be enabled or disabled if found screwing. Broadcaster status bar shows useful overview of the live video in real time including the battery level, audio level, connectivity etc while broadcasting. This info would let you warn and get prepared instead of an abrupt end of streaming live.

After the Broadcast:

You can trim excess footage for creating a polished view for audiences. The replay trimming option trims off the start and finish of the video showing only the real content. Social media experts of top public figures can reach their followers, draft descriptions live , can increase the star hits through prompts and draft feature. Can schedule reminder too. These updates will be on airs in the coming weeks. Facebook is looking forward to hear feedback from top public figures using Mentions.

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