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Samsung is going to introduce a new set of audio products at CES 2017

Dec 28, 2016, 5:59 pm

We are about to welcome 2017 in a couple of days, and with the new year there are two grand tech events are also going to take place. Firstly, the Consumer Exhibition Show (CES) will take place in January and next one will be Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February.

All the top brands like Sony, Xiaomi and LG have already announced their event precence at CES, and Samsung is also in queue, company confirmed today. As per the reports Samsung is not going to launch Galaxy S8 there, but it is going to introduce the new range of audio and video products.

The company termed the event and products as “Future Of Audio”. The company clarified that they are here with something called Ultra-High Quality (UHQ) Sound which is a proprietary audio upscaling technology.

Samsung Soundbar

Moreover, company also ensured that this audio algorithm is developed by their own by applying “Distortion Cancelling Technology”, which is able to reduce sound alterations.

According to Jurak Choi, the Senior Vice President at Samsung, “UHQ audio has the ability to upscale audio sources to a 32 bit output, for both wired and wireless connections. 32 bit sound creates audio which is much closer in quality to the original recording than existing HD audio, delivering rich sound that brings each note to life with incredible clarity.”

Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker With UHQ 32-bit Audio Technology and Stylish Design:-

This product by Samsung is just looks like an old-school hi-fi retro soundbox, the company promised that it will deliver a stunning audio quality. With the UHQ 32-bit audio technology and an stylish design, H7 also have a bass response of 35Hz.

Samsung MS750 Soundbar:-

MS750 is the very first Soundbar Samsung going to launch, with a subwoofer built into the main unit. And is also have the support for high-quality 32-bit audio. Company claimed that it will deliver powerful home cinema sound on premium TV’s and doesn’t need any separate subwoofer.

Samsung UHD M9500 Blue-Ray Player:-

The third last product Samsung going to introduce is M9500 UHD Blue-Ray player, which have the support for Samsung Smart Remote integration and Bluetooth Wireless Streaming Support.

Furthermore, company mentioned that “With the M9500’s new Private Cinema Mode, TV audio can be transferred to personal Bluetooth headphones, adding flexibility for viewing HDR content at any time, despite what else might be going on around you.”

According to some other sources, Samsung will also showcase its S-Skin, a skincare solution , Tag + which is an electronic device that adds extra functionality to kids toys and Lumini is a portable device for identifying and preventing skin problems.

Samsung is looking forward for the successful launch of its “future of audio” devices at CES.

Source: Samsung Newsroom © Image: Samsung Newsroom

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