Consumer Technology Association announced some new additions to CES 2017 Media Days

Dec 29, 2016, 12:02 pm

Ankita P.

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The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced that seven news conference have been added to CES media days schedule. A one day showcase for exhibitor press conference will now run for two days at CES 2017, kicking off at 1 PM on Tuesday, January 3.

The CES event is the very biggest tech event where all the big and small companies from both traditional and non-traditional tech industries introduce the latest innovations to the global market.

Initially the Media Day lineup was announced on November, after that some more events have been added to it. Here are detailed schedule for the two-day media conference:

Which Includes:-

Media Day 1
Tuesday, January 3

8:30-11 AM
Nevada Panel

1-1:45 PM

2-2:45 PM
Huawei Consumer Business Group

6 PM
Faraday Future

Media Day 2
Wednesday, January 4

10-10:45 AM
Continental Automotive Systems

5-5:45 PM
Carnival Corporation

10 PM
Formula E Street Demo

This is the listing of all the events going to take place in two media days. For more detailed information about CES media events, check the Official Media Events Section on

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