Facebook has bought WhatsApp for 19 $ Billion. The social media giant has done the deal owing to the potential it sees in it. WhatsApp received critical acclaim globally as an instant message app which evolved further prosperously. After undergoing many upgrades, WhatsApp had developed into an elite communication app which supports text and audio features with further implementation of video calling functionality as well.

Below are the little-known features of WhatsApp:

Typewriter Font:

Users can enable a typewriter font for the text messages transmitted via WhatsApp with the help of 6 tilde symbols. Initially, 3 of the 6 tilde symbols are inputted and then following it is the body of the text message. After the message content is inputted, the user has to enter the other 3 tilde symbols to enable the feature, after which the message is sent in the usual way. The user observes the text of the sent message having a distinct typewriter font to it.

Whatsapp Best Friend Spotter:

Featured in the iOS devices, the users can precisely inspect the number of text messages they sent to every individual by browsing the settings option and opening the storage usage part which is below storage. This makes the users aware as to who their best friend in WhatsApp are.

Chat shortcut

After the users have finished identifying as to who their WhatsApp best friend are, they can pull a shortcut of the conversation they had with that person and paste it on the home screen of their mobile. To do this, the conversation must be chosen from the conversation list and then the Add Chat Shortcut option in the settings have to be selected.


Via WhatsApp the user can get to generate a copy of all their messages and save them onto the user’s preferred destination or onto their platform’s cloud. It is iCloud in the case of iOS devices and Google Drive for Android devices. In Settings, the user has to browse to the Chats section and access the backup choice which permits the user to select the mode of backup along with the location so that the user is prepared in the event of any problems affecting the phone or if they want to get a message from long back.

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