LG G6 to ditch the modular design of G5, focusing on “aesthetics and usability”


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LG previously was build a transformative and modular design for its LG G5 smartphone which lets you customize your phone features based on your needs. It seems that LG G5 model was failed to sell out, so the company has decided to change the design of new LG G6.

At CES this year the company announced that it will ditch the modular platform for its upcoming LG G6, instead focusing on “aesthetics and usability”. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, LG’s Chief Technologist Skott Ahn said that the LG G6 will make its debut in the “very near future.” The executive also reaffirmed that LG will not be selling its mobile phone business, or spinning it off as a separate entity.

LG is looking towards its good turnover through its new launch of LG G6 which is expected to be priced up to $500 and $600. This phone may launch on upcoming month. Also, the smartphone expected to be first available only in North America, Europe, South Korea, and China.

Source: Wall Street Journal

LG G6 to ditch the modular design of G5, focusing on "aesthetics and usability"