There are many technologies that allow you to access data from their location. But, another upcoming technology named Tango Technology allows the users to explore museums around the world in a completely new way. Google has joined hands with number of museums-starting with the Detroit Institute of Arts; Google is offering visitors Tango-enabled devices that can be used to explore exhibits in augmented reality.

Museums are great teachers for everyone belonging to different fields like science or arts. Museums make it easy to explore stuff and make things simple to understand. But what if you are able to explore museum in a different way i.e. through an app?

Using Tango AR technology, users will soon be able to explore museums around the world in a different way. The first museum that Tango AR users will also be able to visit virtually is the Detroit Institute of Arts.

At the DIA, visitors can request a Lenovo Phab2 Pro (the first Tango-enabled Smartphone) from the front desk, and use it to find out more about various artifacts. The handset can peer inside sarcophagi to reveal mummified bodies, visualize lost architectures like the six-story Babylonian Ishtar Gate, and restore ancient limestone reliefs to their original, bright coloring. As well as visualizations, the app made by GuidiGo, which previously designed AR museum guides for Google Glass will also offer quizzes and games.

According to Google, this is just the beginning of how you’ll be able to use Tango in museums to see more, hear more and learn more.