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Daniel Gross leaves Apple to become Partner at venture capital firm Y Combinator

Jan 11, 2017, 6:59 pm

Apple’s director, Daniel Gross is leaving the company to join venture capital firm Y Combinator as a partner. Three years ago, Cue, an artificial startup was co-founded by Daniel Gross and was bought up by Apple.

The Cue app developed by Daniel included an AI-driven personal assistant service which presented information related to upcoming calendar appointments. Daniel joined Apple as director role where he worked on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

The company also had another resignation on same day, which is of Swift Creator Chris Lattner, he is leaving the company for grabbing new opportunity. Furthermore, Daniel in an interview, told TechCrunch that he might explore new startup company in future.

Cue is the only Artificial Intelligence Firm which Apple bought. Apple’s recent talent and technology acquisitions focused on AI and ML which includes Turi, Perceptio, VocalIQ, Mapsense, Emotient, Coherent Navigation etc.

Some more information revealed that, YC will announce some new additions to its staff. Which includes Nicole Cadman as Associate General Counsel, Steven Chan as Office Manager and Tatyana Veremayova as Financial Controller.

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