Google has always been handy for the users when it comes about usability and ease-of-use. The technology titan prepares to add a new feature for making payments through Google Assistant. Basically, Google is creating a platform for the new way of transaction without any query. The search giant is providing such a complex functionality rather it begins and ends with how it can handle the most basic tasks.

The new feature found a most useful way of making payments using voice commands. A contribution of third-party API and integration with Google’s huge range, will make it successful with the help of Google Assistant.

The latest version 6.11.13 beta responsible for the future payments has already been rolled out and currently available over APK Mirror. To use the service via Google Assistant you need to provide a delivery address for your items. The package of code strings contains user information like user’s address, contact number and allow users to choose the credit card with their swallow link. Since privacy is a bigger concern, Google is enabling new feature allowing users to link a specific device to Google Assistant to prevent any fake purchases.

There is affront thing that, “you’ll soon be able to pay for things” indicates that service will not be available soon and user has to wait for a long time to avail this service. According to XDA developers, service has implemented partially with APK beta file and payment factor is integrated into the Google app. The new feature will be the compact of huge services, all the transactions made through online shopping and shipping, expected to work Amazon’s Alexa when placing orders through voice.

We have not received any official confirmation from the company regarding the availability of the service to the general users.

Image- xda-developers