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Sony Xperia plans to launch new Sony G3112 and Sony G3221 at MWC

Jan 16, 2017, 6:56 pm

Sony is planning to launch two new Xperia handsets and they will be identified by the model numbers as Sony G3112 and G3221. But, the current report states that one of those devices and another new model, will have the MediaTek Helio P20 MT6757 processor, according to User Agent Profile (UAProf-It is a set of data which captures capability and preference information for wireless devices, including smart phones) from Sony. The chipset combines a 2.3 GHz quad-core and 1.6 GHz quad-core and runs Mali-T880 graphics.

Sony will launch the two new Xperia handsets next month at Mobile World Congress. It was expected that the devices would be announced at CES, but now it’s pretty clear that didn’t happen, so they will be unveiled at MWC next month.

Features of Sony G3112 and Sony G3221

The UAProf highlights that the Sony G3112 will use a 720p display, while the Sony G3221 will use a 1080p display. The Sony G3221 model features a 5.2-inch display whereas the Sony G3221 model’s screen size is not revealed yet.

However, it appears that G3112 will belong to low-end range while G3221 will be priced much higher because of its screen quality.

If Sony launches high-end Xperia Smart phones powered by MediaTek processors, we are also expecting the Japanese company to lower the cost of its product. However, the Taiwanese company producing these chipsets has been the target of many negative reports regarding the security of its products.

Apart from this, there is not much information revealed about the two Smart phones. The other details about the Two Sony Xperia will be revealed at MWC as discussed earlier.

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