LG Electronics is focusing on its next flagship device LG G6 which is expected to launch next month at Mobile World Congress. According to a report in Business Korea, LG is looking for cooperation with both Amazon and Google with hopes to include either Alexa or Assistant in its future smartphones.

It is reported that the LG G6 will be featured with Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice assistant feature, Google Assistant what we see in Google’s first smartphone Pixel.

Some other reports also suggests that the Google’s technologies will be applied to LG’s next smartwatches as well. Smartwatch, which is developed by Google and produced by LG Electronics, will be released under the LG brand name. It will contain the Google’s smartwatch operating system Android Wear 2.0. and expected to reveal next month.

This AI feature in LG G6 will be the first smartphone in South Korea using the Google Assistant service.

For the home appliances products, LG already used Amazon’s AI technology Alexa, as in refrigerators. It is likely to apply the controllers for the Internet of Things (IoT) connecting with home appliances for inter-working technology to its smartphones.