The war between Amazon and Google have become bitter as the two giant companies competing in the personal assistant space with Alexa Echo and Google Home device. As both the companies are about to announce their fourth quarter financial results soon – analysts are eyeing how Google and Amazon are placed at digital assistant space. Some reports suggests that Google’s parent company Alphabet, is expected to announce fourth quarter revenues over the next some weeks.

With these all, analytics are also getting thrilled to know about, how many cardboard has packed by Amazon and the search done by Google. Many things are here which is responsible for the battleship between the two companies.

The carafe-sized cylinders, Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home has same work, which represents the voice recognition. These two different device factor Amazon’s “personal assistant” and Google’s “OK Google” both require the internet connection, runs upon the given  voice commands. Commands could be anything like play music, weather forecast, news and all with respect to device. Along with that it has very good sense to control the device. As well as it is also able to add new items in your shopping, by saying “Alexa, add sugar to the shopping list”.

Since the launch, Amazon has sold 11 million Echos in 3 years and most interestingly 700,000 units have been sold in UK and Germany. On the other hand Google is new in the space although Google Home has attracted the consumer attention with its eye-catching design and features. Now-a-days  voice detection has became more easier to user rather than text, which is more time consuming.

It could be problematic to Google, everyone start searching by Google’s home page initially, revenue will go to Google, but if once people get to start searching with Echo, Google’s revenue could goes down. Switching from desktop to mobile, could be a challenge for Google since the search giant has responded by adding more ads to both desktop and search pages.

Amazon is offering devices to get connected with Echo for free as Google’s Android software offers as a free platform for smartphones. In January at Consumer Electronics show(CES) in Las Vegas, commentators were struck by to see how many devices actually incorporated into Alexa. Richard Windsor of Edison Investment Research suggests that time is running out for Google: “It has to act quickly, as Amazon is on the brink of becoming the industry standard for controlling smart home devices.

Still we don’t know what will be happen between the Amazon and Google. You can see either Google Hone or Echo.

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