SEC investigating Yahoo towards the undisclosed hacking scandal

SEC Investigating Yahoo

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Bad news is not leaving Yahoo and the new in the list is an investigation by SEC against the search engine company. The US government agency is reportedly investigating why Yahoo has not shared the information of its two major data breach back in 2014.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Yahoo is in under the investigation regarding the undisclosed hacking news and asked the company to provide documents related to hacking. The internet giant revealed in September 2016 that the company has gone through state-sponsored attack, confirmed attacker stole personal data of 500 million users. As per the report, some employees were aware of the first incident before it was revealed to investors. SEC also investigating another incident after three months of the first hack which compromised 1 billion user data and to understand if it could have been reported earlier.

Senator Mark Warner, co-founder of Nextel and a former startup investor, called on the organization to look into the incidents back in September. The news has already startled Yahoo since the company is in under process of probable acquisition by Verizon for a $4.8 billion deal. After the hacking news came into spotlight the technology company is reportedly to reduce cost by $1 billion which could affect the deal.

As per the SEC investigation, Yahoo had disclosed about the past hacking, and still there is need to take action against it. But the major thing is that, since past time there is nothing going right, which put the breaches between the users and company.

Via: Wall Street Journal © Image: OfficeChai

SEC investigating Yahoo towards the undisclosed hacking scandal