Apple has finally disclosed its new iOS 10.3 beta 1 to the developers comes with a bundle of fresh new features. The technology titan has already seeded the new version packed with few features, and the interesting one is Find My AirPods – the highly popular AirPods are used to keep track Apple device’s current activity.

Find My AirPods is not the only feature the upgraded version to come rather it is loaded with several other features to look at: Here are the novel thing in latest 10.3 beta 1: –

1. The new iOS 10.3 beta 1 brings a new feature of tracking AirPods with emit sound technology.

2. The upgraded version brings the new Podcast app widget.

3. Siri to take care of all the cricket scores from Indian Premier League and International Cricket Council and update your iOS device.

4. Along with that, it also allows the developers to ask for product feedback, and app developers will also be able to respond to reviews in the future.

5. As well as, CarPlay gets quick access to the last three apps used.

6. APFS (Apple File System), all file conversion is going to be performed automatically over new iOS 10.3.

7. Settings app got a new overhaul now includes account link at top of the main page. Along with that, a new view supports you with a broader look over device account settings and storage.

8. The upgraded iOS version received updated UI for the Spotlight search suggestions.

9. Animations have also become a part of this, opening and closing apps slightly modified.

There is no confirmation when the iOS 10.3 will officially be launched for the general users, but surely users will be excited to catch all these enhanced features.